A huge scandal burned like a wildfire through the Chicago suburbs this week when a teacher at a local kindergarten was fired unexpectedly. The reason: Her instagram photos. Although firing someone because of pictures that are deemed immoral is not a shocking event, especially in the teachers profession, this case has a quite rare twist to it. The pictures that left the young kindergarten teacher without a job were actually not hers.

The problem began a few weeks ago when a concerned parent talked to the local superintendent that her child’s teacher in the local kindergarten had some suggestive pictures in Instagram. The problem was brought to the attention to the principle, who asked the teacher to explain the pictures. Shocked, the young educator claimed that she has no Instagram profile at all and that the parent must be mistaken or lying. “We checked the provided Instagram profile and found out that indeed our employ has some suggestive and inappropriate pictures in it. There was no doubt that this is the mentioned teacher”,said the principal when asked about the results of the internal investigation.


“I have never had an Instagram profile, I swear it. It must be a mistake”, claimed the teacher, whose name we are going to keep a secret. “I’d never do such a thing. I just want to carve the young minds of your children so they can become model citizens”, she said while defending herself in front of the PTA.

Several days later the misunderstanding came to a close, when it turned out, that the teacher had a twin sister, who was modeling at the time. The parent fond her pictures by chance and thought that this was a alias the teacher was using. When asked why she didn’t tell that she had a twin sister the young educator explained “I don’t think we look anything alike. Every single one of our friends can tell us apart from a mile away. I have no Instagram profile as I said, so I had no idea my sister had”, she explained.

Her parents also agreed, that it was unfair to make someone pay for someone else’s mistakes. The noted that the are not happy with what their other daughter does on the social media, but clearly she has the right to do it and certainly her sister shouldn’t be punished for this.

When asked some of the parents whose children go to the same kindergarten told us, that they have no problem with the teacher even if those were her photos. “I don’t care what she does on the internet as long as she does what she must during classes. After all my 4 year old son won’t be able to get to any of those pictures anytime soon. If someone’s child has found them, the blame is on the parents, because the child lacks control”, said one mother.

For now the young educator  remains outside of the facility, but her lawyers are sure that she will get her job back in a matter of days.